Test Access


The quickest and easiest way to check a DSLAM port is working correctly is to access the port via a Test Access Switch (also known as Test Access Matrix) and route the circuit to a Test Head and then onto a Golden Modem.

The Test Access Switch is a mechanical set of relays that break the circuit and divert the pair of wires to a test point. Most TAM devices can split the circuit allowing the tester to see four wires, two wires into the system and two wires out. 

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DSLAM Testing with Golden Modem

Customer Line Test

The Test Access Switch can send the customers line circuit to the Test Head for testing. The equipment is all based in the Central Office and is remotely accessed over an IP connection. The control of the Test Head and TAM is usually managed by the Telco's management system, this means the Service Desk operator needs no technical knowledge and only needs to read the results returned.


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 Line Test using Test Head


LLU Test Solution

Using the same TAM concept and Golden Modem it is easy to test a circuit where the ILEC and CLEC share service delivery. The ILEC continues to provide the voice element while the CLEC offers the Broadband. Placing a TAM in the circuit now allows a tester to check if the DSLAM is operating okay and if dial tone is being supplied. The fault can now be dealt with by the relevant provider.


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LLU Testing with TAM